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Though often derided as “low art,” NFTs may actually be viewed as a natural progression of art development in both production and cultural resonance. Is there anything fundamentally different between a Bored Ape and Duchamp’s Fountain or Manet’s Déjeuner Sur L’Herbe? Many of the ideas central to contemporary NFT production including group creation, commercialism, repurposing of existing imagery, and “ready-made” principles are not new but rather extensions of the art historical canon.

This course will seek to connect NFT production to other art historical movements including Pop Art, Dadaism, Impressionism, and the Italian Renaissance. We will interrogate ideas of identity, representation, value, and perception. Content and readings will draw from art historical texts, direct observation and interpretation of paintings, drawings, and NFTs, as well as additional multimedia content.

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We will meet weekly in the month of April from 7-8pm EST. Each course meeting will include a blend of lecture and group discussion. Classes will be structured around themes (eg. Feminist Art, Collectivist art production, etc) and link current NFT examples to the art historical canon. While attendance at every meeting is not required it is highly encouraged.

Platform Requirements

No resources required beyond a device to Zoom in from and access to Discord. Those that are based in New York or nearby will be invited to attend an in-person field trip in late April or early May to visit artworks covered during the course (likely to be the Whitney, Met, or MoMA).

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Participation Requirements

Learners should be able to commit to participating in our 4 live discussions. We won't have required readings but suggested syllabus will be included for supplemental reading/listening/watching.

Sign-up Requirements

Short paragraph expressing interest in joining the course.

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Registration deadline: Friday, March 11th